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About us

Word from the CEO

Dear Clients

It is the bless of safety and security our country enjoys that formulated the essential motive for our team to invest their good time experience in the fields of criminal, political, military, industrial, and civil security through TAKAMUL GROUP private security guards.

We as members in this company make sure to implement the security measures as a means of prevention and an important safety shield. And the development of the field work of our young male & female team is the basis of our investment and our commitment to always being able to take control and response in emergencies.
Our company carefully chooses and trains the selected human resource (work cast )of the elite executive and administrative team in order to assure security responsibility and to ensure that our customers and our society are secure, believing that this job is a profession that will accompany them in their march, rather than just a job performed according to the requirements.

The members of this company formulate a harmonious system aiming to modernizing the concepts of security services and provide its methods to the community, starting from the human elements and integrated functional, technical and advisory aspects.

May God bless you and keep you always under his care and protection.

Fawzi Salem Bajneed


Our mission is to provide a varied and integral variety of civil and industrial security services for the private and public sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through using the latest technologies and solutions that will satisfy our customers and enhance our productive ability to achieve our goals.


Our vision is to become the pioneer in private security services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf regions and to elevate the fields of security services, telecommunication and information technology.