Our company provides an applied training and orientation for the female Security staff in several areas which includes guarding different facilities, safety study, firefighting, first aid and public health.

   This company has provided the female security department to become ready with the latest equipment in fighting crime and security. In adapting this perspective of comprehensive security aim to support many of the social and professional interaction in our Arab community with the female security staff where male are  prohibited to do the responsibilities required in situations require a fast security intervention.

Available Services:

  • Presence behind the doors of banks for women’s sections in order to detect any error or behavior may occur.
  • Securing the commercial centers in places reserved for women in order to perform the task of conservation and regulation and intervention in case of emergency.
  • Women’s conduct inspections in emergency situations that require it.
  • Calming disputes that may occur among women in the courtyard of restaurants and sometimes in games and entertainment hall in general.
  • The organization of work and the maintaining order inside female working environment.